December 2nd, 2011, 4:16 pm

Tigeri 102 - Pics

Tigeri102 (My co-author) has created many drawings of....... her doing bad things to me. She will be posting them on FB(unless you're an idiot you'd know that FB stands for "Facebook") soon, so if you have a FB, you can go to the "Kirbys of the Alternate Dimension" FB page. There might be some there tomorrow, if not, the next day, so be prepared and if u want u can comment on them.


, December 4th, 2011, 7:35 pm

um... what kuz said. seriously tho, i'm sorta outta ideas on ways to kill him, so i'm gonna draw other stuff starting TOMMOROW! (i only draw when i'm in school, so... yeah. well that and im just not in the mood tonight XD) OH and i'm not just gonna be doing pictures you know! i'm gonna do a lot of KAD-based sprite animations to. some will just be random spoofs but some will actually be KAD based, and still others will be KAD based spoofs! ^.^ my youtube account is Shinybestcrittercare, so you can keep an eye out for em there, or just keep watching the KAD fb page cus i'll add a link there when i make a new KAD video. and also: I LOST THE GAME. TAKE THAT, BAKAS!!!

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